The Monadic knitwear collection is the backbone of our label.  The majority of of the knitwear collection is the Basis offering.  The Basis product line is made up of a short sleeve tee, long sleeve henley, and pullover hoody all made from the same fabric.  The fabric is extremely important to this equation.  We spent the entire year before product launch developing a custom blend Pima cotton that is equal parts luxurious and durable.  The cotton is a medium plus weight that is incredibly durable and comfortable.  The weight of the cotton ensures that garment maintains its shape and form over the long haul.

The Basis offering is the canvas upon which each season's color palette is presented.  Each season, we aim to offer multiple new colors that express our theme and mindset.  The Basis collection is also made up of a core collection of color options for wardrobe standard.  Without a doubt, our objective is to be your absolute favorite knitwear choice that you excited to wear each and every time; the one that you hold onto for the right moment; the one that gives you a little burst of confidence going into your day or night.

Monadic's entire knitwear collection is knit, cut, and sewn in Los Angeles, California by the premier makers of knitwear available.