It's pronounced "muh-NAD-ik"

When I was very young I started to sketch clothing and logos for my make-believe clothing company.  A lot of the inspiration came from the Bones Brigade and most specifically Mike McGill’s iconic Skull and Snake deck.  At 10 years old, I asked my old man for my first skateboard.  He agreed under the condition that I swore to take the best possible care of my first “possession”.  He drew up a contract and I had to prick my finger and dot my signatures with blood.  That act not only showed me the importance of taking care of my valuables, but certainly opened my eyes to how cool my dad was.  But that’s another story for another time.  Growing up in the late 80s and early 90s, there were only so many things to do and not much else other than skating around town and being outside.  The influence that Powell Peralta had on me, I’m sure, isn’t completely unique but I am thankful that I was the age I was when all that was happening.  It was the perfect, impressionable age for watching the birth of a culture.  But mostly, it was the art on that deck (and the others from that time period) that got me the most fired up.  That was the coolest looking shit I had ever seen.  That culture, that art, that style was the original seed that has us to where we are today.  How Monadic came to fruition is a long set of successes and failures in life that in the aggregate are responsible.  My name is David Strong.  I am the owner and designer of Monadic. 

This brand is made up, directly and indirectly, of a lot of people, places, things, and experiences but I suppose the story won’t be told properly without being a bit self-reflective and open about who I am and in turn what Monadic is.  My first real job was sweeping floors in a surf shop in Laguna Beach.  The culture of a well-established and well-run retail store is fundamental to my appreciation and support to the ground level and core of the fashion “business”.  Working retail is the ground level occupation and I believe completely necessary for anyone that ever wants to be in the apparel business.  I look at those days very fondly and it was the support of multiple people in that ecosystem that helped guide my rough draft ideas of fashion and get a little closer toward a technical vision.  From there I worked for a number of great and not so great companies doing everything from more sweeping to head of sales for North America and in those 20 years there was plenty of fun, gains, loss, scars, bars, memories, and learning.  Having the opportunity to be placed in multiple levels of a brand are integral to the understanding of the mechanics and nuance and I am thankful that I have done just about everything but park the cars.    


Monadic was officially born in March 2019 from the will to open the mind to create, grow, and nurture the clothing label that I was sketching 30 years before.  Monadic is an approach to modern American contemporary fashion mixed with the comfortability of casual design.  My design structure is based on providing a modular offering that can be organized, merchandised, and enjoyed in multiple directions.  Meaning, I do not want to offer a particular look, rather, I want the wearer to have beautiful garments from which to create their original style.  Monadic in short means unity and fundamental simplicity.  In long, the word, is the adjective that describes “the monad” which is a theoretical particle that was brought into the world in the 17th century and is described as the fundamental building block of our consciousness and spirit.   So, Monadic, in theory and by design, is meant to be a label that provides the irreducible pieces of who and what you are.  To be a part of someone’s wardrobe or a part of their decision of appearance is one of the greatest accomplishments that we hold dear at this brand.  When I was in high school I had a few pieces that when I wore them, I simply felt better; I felt more put together; I felt confident; I felt proper.  It is our complete goal to be a part of the process of achieving that level of thought and feeling and it is our goal to create every piece with that level of appreciation per garment. 

We do this by first starting with the raw materials.  We source every single thread and button that goes into our collections from the highest-level resources.  The majority of our fabrics come from the finest textile mills in Japan where quality is the first thing that matters.  Durability in both style and functionality are key to our success.  As for uniqueness, and the fabrics and structures in which they occupy, it is my hope they will catch you off guard.  All of our garments are cut and sewn in the United States, specifically in Los Angeles, a pillar to American contemporary fashion.  A large portion of our collection is made by one master sewer from start to finish.  Our knitwear collection is made of a custom and proprietary cotton that is constructed by one of the finest knitwear companies in the world, known for the most consistent end result product available (not easy in the knitwear category).  We take tremendous amounts of pride in how our garments are put together and when you play in this tier, it cannot be faked and the corners don’t even exist to be cut.  It is extremely labor intensive and at the end of every single day, it was all worth it when the garment comes out as beautifully as designed and intended. 

Monadic is based in San Clemente, California.  This is a small, laid back beach town that has a little less concern for contemporary fashion than some other parts of Southern California but it is an inspiring backdrop for a line and brand that wants to offer a level of comfort and approachable style.  Being near the ocean is extremely important to my personal well-being and provides the outlet to be mindful and humbled at all times.  Monadic’s surface aesthetic is unmistakably Californian, but like mentioned earlier, it is by no means the dogmatic style of the brand. 

We want to create products and experiences that transcend any style, space, or ideology.  We want to offer a brand that brings a level of confidence to your day.  We want to supply a medium of self-expression that is unique to you and you alone.  We want to continue to strive for progression.  We want to welcome you to this label and to this culture.  Welcome to Monadic.

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